Sabado, Pebrero 20, 2016

missing somebody

when you miss someone,
you think about those moments that makes you smile,
the way the person touched your life with his/ her simple way.

when you wake up,
the first thing that comes into your mind are those things or persons that are most important to you, those things that make you thankful that you are alive.

problems are waking us up.

some, are heartaches,
that makes us cry, and pray for it so many times.

some songs just have the ability to make us remember those things that someone does for us. maybe a friendship shared, or a time when you became happy.

missing someone, can be a sad hobby. and listening to songs that makes us sad and cry is not a good past-time.

why not try to look around you. maybe there are other persons that needs your attention. needs your time. maybe they are also missing someone,and are sad at that moment. why not enjoy the time, and win new friends.

listen to those songs that makes you smile,and if you can, avoid those songs that makes you hurt.

those persons,
they are not missing, you just can't see them, but you still believe on the bond that you have. they are there, inside your heart.

they are like dreams that you keep, until the day that they will come true.

treasures that can't be bought, priceless and worth-keeping.

what you are doing today, are also memories tomorrow. so, why not make it beautiful each day?

so you can remember it, and make you happy someday.

they are like candies in your pocket, that you can eat when you're sad.

we all have someone that we miss, let's pray for them.

time will come, when we can be with them again.

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