Sabado, Pebrero 20, 2016

irish cleo?

during my HELE class project making day...Norris and Jhay Santos talking to each other...

Norris: cute ng name nyo ma'am...san nyo nakuha?

the answer.............

When I was in Thailand with my mom..I had a chance to ask her some personal questions esp. about our family and I had this great opportunity to asked her about this question that’s been lingering in my mind for 15 years…"How did they got my name?" A lot of my friends,acquaintances,teachers etc..etc..asked me that same question..and as I remember when I was in grade 6..we had an assignment..which was to look or the meaning of our name and I look for it on my own without asking my mom..and so I got this answer so I perceive it is…Irish Cleo..first let us start with IRISH i thought it was an Iris which is any of various related plants that have sword shaped leaves and bear showy flowers on an upright spike..or the flower of this plant..(i got it from dictionary )…but..they really named me after the Iris of an in the colored round membrane surrounding the the pupil of the eye..because my parents thought that I’ll be the iris of our family..they just put H to make it sound unique..Next is CLEO I had an idea about Cleopatra as I am growing up because of her story every Lenten season and that idea broaden when I was in high school through our world history subject..Cleopatra was 17 or 18 when she became the queen of Egypt..she was beautiful,with long hooked nose..a very seductive woman..she had an enchantingly musical voice and exuded charisma..highly intelligent..Am I like her?maybe? but I don't like to be married to different man…anyway…my mom told me that I was named after her because she was so popular that time… I am IRISH CLEO..I can make my own history..I can be beautiful by my own attitudes,decorum,style..etc..etc..and no matter what happen I’ll prove that I’ll be the iris of our family…

Havaianas footwear caused heavy foot sore

I wonder what it is with Havaianas footwear..?Why do most of the girls here want to have this..? Why is it different from other slippers...? I interviewed people who have these slip-ons.. Some say it is very comfortable to wear.. you are not "in" if you do not have it.. "may kaya ka".. feet will look attractive.. and, that it is the only slipper na "di ka madudulas sa CR" with a laugh my curiosity, I also bought 2 of it but doesn’t have much chances to wear them always coz most of the time I’m wearing closed shoes in school.. That’s why I wasn’t able to experience those answers that I got.. But in my surprise or in my dismay hahaha I discovered much better answer for my question..
It was Friday then when my co-teachers and I decided to go to Greenhills to release our stress after a week of work. All of us have something in mind to do while in that place. One of us will go to the stall where he bought his cell phone, and the other one was to look for a new CP, the other one is to look for anything which he can buy same as I and one is to look for Havaianas for his wife which I say is very touching. That was shocking to hear though.. Because knowing how the slippers cost. All of us has personal reasons to go there but he is the only one who has an intension of going there not for himself but for his WIFE...I told him that I bought my Havaianas somewhere in Santa Rosa Laguna wherein you can buy them for a lesser price but he told me that his going home to his province the next day and his wife really wants to have it as a PASALUBONG.. While we were in Greenhills all of us went to our own business, but then we were all worried suddenly coz we cannot see an outlet of Havaianas… We saw one but not an independent store that’s’ why limited stocks are only available and that according to him is not his wife's TYPE… While were walking we saw a lot of imitations of it in lesser amount and told him to get a pair anyway for it looks almost the same… but he answered us.."Ano ako hilo!parang niloko ko na ang asawa ko nun"...those words had an impact on me on how he really wanted to have that said slippers for his wife… We went to all of the stalls there but no Havaianas at all is there to be found… He told us that there maybe some in Robinsons… we didn’t left him coz we are his friends… We went there with him despite our empty stomach. Sigh...we went all over that mall but then again there is no Havaianas...we can’t bear our hunger anymore that is why we decided to eat first instead. When we were about to ride the escalator, he told us to go first coz his wife sent him a text and he's going to look for a flat close shoes instead of that slippers.. hahahaha... To laugh is all we could do. After all the tiring feet burning walks, it all boils down to a pair of flat shoes .nice. While I was eating I told myself how lucky his wife is… She doesn’t know how my friend love her… although all of us complained for our feet hurts because of the long hours of looking for that’s slippers we just laughed at it because that’s what we are friends...that’s how we face our hurts, fear, our problems and troubles together.. and that’s the reason why Havaianas footwear caused heavy foot sore…..

people love about irish

eing so lonely...and then I started asking myself if all of this are true and I didn't noticed that tears are falling down my face...I should appreciate myself as i appreciate other people as other people appreciates me...

Pagkain ng fries o ano man- humingi ng maraming ketchup
dapat pag burger- cheeseburger lang ooderin mo and be ready dahil baka agawin nya yung last bite
sa straw- wag mong lalagyan ng straw ang drinks nya kung ayaw mong maiskandalo sigradong
may matatapuan
dapat ready ka na mahampas o masampal (hindi naman masakit)- lambing nya yun
alaskador sya- kaya wag mapipikon
maging matiyaga sa paglalakad- matagal sya magshopping at kailangan nya yun sa pag-iisip..kahit
malayo nalakad basta hindi pa sya tapos mag-isip wait ka lang
dapat magtiyaga ka sa pagtingin ng damit na bagay o hindi- para hindi paulit ulit ang tanong
mahilig sya sa rnb and religious songs- dapat ikaw din
pagkanta ang outlet nya- dapat magready ka ng maraming coins for video oke at mini concert na
kasunod nun
magaling sya magsayaw- practice ka ng mabuti
pag di ka nya pinansin-ibig sabihin pre-occupied lang sya hindi nagsusungit pero masungit sya talaga
mahilig sya magtravel- dapat may passport ka na at license.samahan mo na ng nakahandang damit
at pera pabigla bigla kasi sya ng yaya ehhhh
whatever at hmmmmmppppp- ang favorite expression nya
ayaw nya ng istorbo- pag natutulog sya kaya't wag kang tatabi sa kanya pagnatutulog sya lalo sa
bus kung ayaw mong masigawan
dapat ok ang digicam mo lagi- mahilig sya sa picture
pagkasama mo sya at maghihiwalay na kayo- wag kang magugulat na nagbye bye na malayo
na pala sya..she hates goodbye
sa escalator- wag kang mainis pag pinauna ka tapos tinatawanan ka na nya na parang nagpaiwan
wag kang mag-alala susundan ka din nya
sa first na mga bagay- mahilig sya magpa try ng mga first time na lakad at food trip
wag mo sya pagbibigyan- pag nakipagpustahan sa billiard at pusoy siguradong talo ka na
pag di ka nya tinitignan- mag-isip ka na ng kasalanan mo
sa daliri- meron syang kakaibang daliri sa paa
pag nakatulog sya- dapat nakaready na ung balikat mo para di ka magmukhang kawawa
kapag umiiyak sya- wag ka mabibigla kung bigla nalang sya magpatawa kasi she doesnt want anybody
to feel sad about her
sa problema- esp. sa lovelife, hindi sya pala kwento sa kung anong nararamdaman nya kaya kung
nasabihan ka nya you should feel honored and privileged na pinagkatiwalaan ka nya
and sa tiwala nya- pag pinagkatiwalaan ka nya plsss try mong wag masira..sobrang hirap kunin na
uli nun
adventist sya- kaya lagi nasa bible ang payo nya sayo..kaya maiisip mong magpaconvert
makulit lang sya...

know the real her marami kang malalaman aside from what are written here...despite there are some imperfections about her at minsan nagkakasamaan ng loob, you will realize that knowing her is all worth it....THERE'S MORE TO IT THAN MEETS THE EYE

missing somebody

when you miss someone,
you think about those moments that makes you smile,
the way the person touched your life with his/ her simple way.

when you wake up,
the first thing that comes into your mind are those things or persons that are most important to you, those things that make you thankful that you are alive.

problems are waking us up.

some, are heartaches,
that makes us cry, and pray for it so many times.

some songs just have the ability to make us remember those things that someone does for us. maybe a friendship shared, or a time when you became happy.

missing someone, can be a sad hobby. and listening to songs that makes us sad and cry is not a good past-time.

why not try to look around you. maybe there are other persons that needs your attention. needs your time. maybe they are also missing someone,and are sad at that moment. why not enjoy the time, and win new friends.

listen to those songs that makes you smile,and if you can, avoid those songs that makes you hurt.

those persons,
they are not missing, you just can't see them, but you still believe on the bond that you have. they are there, inside your heart.

they are like dreams that you keep, until the day that they will come true.

treasures that can't be bought, priceless and worth-keeping.

what you are doing today, are also memories tomorrow. so, why not make it beautiful each day?

so you can remember it, and make you happy someday.

they are like candies in your pocket, that you can eat when you're sad.

we all have someone that we miss, let's pray for them.

time will come, when we can be with them again.